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mongodb 备份 指定用户名密码

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mongodump -h -d mybook -o /www/wwwroot/yhqtb/mybook -u=mybookname -p=g123456 --authenticationDatabase=mybook


Export the content of a running server into .bson files.

Specify a database with -d and a collection with -c to only dump that database or collection.

See http://docs.mongodb.org/manual/reference/program/mongodump/ for more information.

general options:
--help print usage
--version print the tool version and exit

verbosity options:
-v, --verbose= more detailed log output (include multiple times for more verbosity, e.g. -vvvvv, or specify a numeric value, e.g. --verbose=N)
--quiet hide all log output

connection options:
-h, --host= mongodb host to connect to (setname/host1,host2 for replica sets)
--port= server port (can also use --host hostname:port)

authentication options:
-u, --username= username for authentication
-p, --password= password for authentication
--authenticationDatabase= database that holds the user's credentials
--authenticationMechanism= authentication mechanism to use

namespace options:
-d, --db= database to use
-c, --collection= collection to use

query options:
-q, --query= query filter, as a JSON string, e.g., '{x:{$gt:1}}'
--queryFile= path to a file containing a query filter (JSON)
--readPreference=| specify either a preference name or a preference json object
--forceTableScan force a table scan

output options:
-o, --out= output directory, or '-' for stdout (defaults to 'dump')
--gzip compress archive our collection output with Gzip
--repair try to recover documents from damaged data files (not supported by all storage engines)
--oplog use oplog for taking a point-in-time snapshot
--archive= dump as an archive to the specified path. If flag is specified without a value, archive is written to stdout
--dumpDbUsersAndRoles dump user and role definitions for the specified database
--excludeCollection= collection to exclude from the dump (may be specified multiple times to exclude additional collections)
--excludeCollectionsWithPrefix= exclude all collections from the dump that have the given prefix (may be specified multiple times to exclude additional prefixes)
-j, --numParallelCollections= number of collections to dump in parallel (4 by default)


mongorestore -h IP --port 端口 -u 用户名 -p 密码 -d 数据库 --drop 文件存在路径


docker exec -it 26d07e8f11da /bin/bash
 mongorestore -d mybook /data/backup_data/mybook  --drop
mongorestore /data/backup_data/mybook

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